Visit to the pool last night provided a nice “cooling” sensation to Sid’s sun burn
So … I am back to work. Ick! And there remains a lot to do. Minor updates to one product was required ASAP (tackled it yesterday) … so the full catchup was not completed until today. Managed to sort through our current bug lists … and man is this just screaming for a database. We have an implementation of a bug tracking DB, but poor configuration and lack of maintenance has caused management pains. Lately we have been using Excel to track our development bugs/”features” but another couple weeks of this and *I* will spend a weekend putting together a DB for us to use. GAH! Maybe next week while the managers our all out Kai and I can get a basic install of Bugzilla working for demo to the team.
Now … since I am all stressed (right back to normal) at work. Melissa and the Saunders gang continue to have a blast down here. Yesterday they headed to Venice Beach for some shark took hunting and they came back with tons of loot. Great souvenirs for them, and it did not cost anything … well, I suppose Sid is paying for it seeing as he forgot the sunscreen and came back looking like a ripe tomato. Today Busch Gardens was pre-empted due to rain and instead they headed to the Mote Marine Aquarium.
Anyways .. I am off … need to eat before my first Ultimate practice in 2-3 weeks … this is gonna hurt.
Fixed the links page to our photo gallery … the first stage in getting our pictures online.

One thought on “Piles

  1. Don’t use Bugzilla!!!! It is a pain in the butt to use. We just went through the pain of selecting a bug tracking system at work, and we ended up choosing Mantis. It provides almost all of the features we wanted, and we’ve customized it to add a few missing features.
    Check it out and see what you think!