And so it begins …

Tampa vs New Jersey: 3-2 Lightning in OT
Friday was the start of my vacation. Right after work it was up to Tampa (again! 4 times this week), this time it was for a hockey game though. Jeff, Krishen, Darren, Melissa and I crammed into our little car and headed north. What a game … Lightning scored with 9 seconds left to push the game into OT. Then scored 2 and a half minutes into the 4th period to take another win. They are really on a roll this year. And the city (and area) are really starting to take notice …. which is great for hockey – but possibly going to make tickets hard to find. Though, the “sold out” crowd only filled about 3/5th of the seats … nice eh!
And … now Sat comes …. final mad rush to clean the house, get the rental car (Dodge Neon), and head BACK to Tampa to the airport (you know … I am going to be able to do this trip blind folded). Both cars were making the trip to ensure that all luggage and passengers would be able to fit.
The Saunders made it without any trouble, though apparently it was a one wheel landing. The fog on the way home took away the view from the bridge (our mountain) so we are going to have to take them site seeing today. But right now I think it is time for pancakes and coffee. Alicia was already out feeding turtles, squirrels, and the geckos. Think they are already having fun!
Note to viewers:
While I have been horrible at posting in the last bit … I expect things to get worse. We are heading to Orlando for the next week and will be out of connection. I plan on bringing back a ton of pictures … so … until then. Have a good week.

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