365 days

Well … that is one year people. One year since we moved down here. One year that I have been working at METI. One year that I have been enjoying the sunshine …. and I still don’t have a tan!!!
Lets recap a little … last February I accepted the job, tied up loose ends and was on the plane March 1st … headed for the SunShine state. Melissa joined me a couple months later after working a little longer and packing/cleaning the house. We then enjoyed most of the summer swimming in the ocean and exploring the area. August saw us returning home for Byron and Tracy’s wedding … for me it was unfortunately a short stay for I was needed back at work. On Melissa’s return she stated volunteering for Myakka Park. And I have been keeping in shape playing Ultimate.
So what are the plans … well, we are officially here for 3 years after obtaining the H1-b work visa. So with this in mind we are moving … the place we had was just a wee-bit too small. So we are taking a two-bed, two-bath place in the same complex. Nice … get the office back 🙂
All in all, we have some good friends, are enjoying the area, and work is still putting interesting challenges on my plate. However, we do miss the mountains, the snow (ok, maybe not that much), and the friends and family back home. We look forward to your visits here … and our visits there, hope to see you all soon!
(Time to get that Drivers License renewed)

2 thoughts on “365 days

  1. Only 5 more sleeps Cam & we’re going to be there!!
    AHHH, two weeks & no work!! Only FUN! See you Soon 🙂