Tickets are here … Vacation is near

OHhhhh! Yeaaaa!
So, Jeff, the tickets are in. Our spots our reserved in the middle of the mosh pit. Excited yet ??? This is definitely the way to begin the vacation!
Hmmm vacation, sweet sounding words. After a year of hard work I think it is about time that I get some time off and enjoy some of the delights of the area. Disney World, Busch Gardens (again), Sea World, and much much more.
But not before we host another HPSN conference (The main reasons I have not been updating lately). We having (and continue to) prepare all our current projects for demos. So … once it is all over I will be ready to a little movin’ and goovin’ … oh yea!

2 thoughts on “Tickets are here … Vacation is near

  1. For a second there I thought I was going to a show :(. That’s okay we have HOCKEY next week :).

  2. Glad you’re going to get more space. Much of a Rent increase? Did you get your confirmation for this Weekend.