Pictures are up!

It has been a few days … a few busy days. But we finally picked the 27 pictures we felt represented our Valentines day best.
The day was full of excitement as we crawled out of bed late … slept in for the first time in recent memory. It was nice! Then it was off to Busch Gardens for the afternoon. The weather was moody but Amy and Eric kept us company giving us the tour. The whole “Fun Pass” is going to be a well used park pass I think. ($10 more gets you unlimited entrance until December 31st) The zoo alone (not to mention the rides, bands, shows, etc) is well worth the price.
The park is kept in great condition; the animals are provided tons of room to rome (or swim). And there is tons of ‘hands on’ interaction with the wildlife providing great guest education. We really enjoyed the bird exhibits, but all of it was a lot of fun.
Then it was on to enjoy another hockey game in Tampa; Lightning vs Panthers in a Florida rivalry. I have been blessed this year …

3 thoughts on “Pictures are up!

  1. AAARRRGGGGHHH!!!! Sleeping in late!? Busch Gardens!? Hockey!?!?!?!? You probably ate well didn’t you? Well while you were off galavanting with your Valentine I was stuck in a windowless cube sharing Valentine’s day with my boss, enjoying 3 day old sandwiches out of the vending machine. Needless to say that last year in the keys was better. Now my misery aside I’m glad that you were able to escape from here if only for a day.

  2. great pics…. that gator in the first shot is freakin’ enormous! the hockey game was good fun, can’t wait to go to another.