The Game

Darren managed to snag a couple free tickets to the LeafsLightning game though work, and I could not pass up that kind of offer. Getting out of work on time was tough … but we managed to squeeze out in time to grab subway and hit the road.
Check out the photos.
It was a great game … Leafs dominated the first, Lightning pulled back in the second … then pulled ahead. Down 4-2 in the third the Leafs would not give up. They pulled back to within one about half way through the third and applied the pressure. With an empty net and 6 attackers the Leafs tied the game following a disputed icing. The final frame kept us on our feet … however, the game would end 4-4 (29 shots to 29 shots).
Next time I will be part of the home crowd as we head up for the March 5th game against the Devils. Though I must admit … with the number of Leafs jerseys in the crowd I almost felt like I WAS as part of the home crowd.

5 thoughts on “The Game

  1. Cam i am so jelouse!!!!!!
    hope u enjoyed the game which i could have been there!you dont even know how much i wish!!!lol
    talk to you later

  2. Glad you had a good time at the game. Looks like you got some nice pictures to remember it by as well. Did Mel get to join you?

  3. Where’s the love for the home team? I hope somebody (besides me) is rooting for the lightning on the fifth. BTW we gotta start thinking about playoff tickets :).