New camera … ATV’in

Patches happily provided us a subject for our first few shots
Well … our camera arrived and just in time. We had a big day planned … and this time we were going into the backcountry ๐Ÿ™‚

We explored the prairies …

Checked out the swamp lands …

… and kept a look out for the wild life. However, on this cloudy day I guess they did not want to come out and play … oh well! This Osprey or Eagle (next purchase … a bird book) produced a large nest just off one of the horse trails. You can find Osprey nests on almost every power pole or dead tree. We also found a couple trapped hogs, they are considered “exotic life” and are being removed from the park. And they need to be removed … they are destroying everything. During the day we saw one hog dart across the road … then noticed that there were two (one child) stuck in the trap – interesting … possibly a family structure ? Anyways, there were a number of other forms of wild life we did not get pictures of … mostly because they were far away or moving to fast.

Also, found an old cattle “dip tank”. These dip tanks were used to clean the cattle from tics and flies using arsenic. They would bring the cows in one by one and walk them up and down the tank. After, clean cows … well, clean dead cows. Besides the obvious problems with this … there seems to have been a leak (DUH!) Stretching off one side of the dip tank they have had a lot of trouble planting trees, however, on the other side they have had far less trouble. Guess we know what way the water flows eh ?

Before long I think we are going to get a telephoto lens and a tripod … we just love the camera. We took home 48 photos between last night and today … that is more than we have taken since our honeymoon. Several turned out to be crap due to blurring … but we did grab a few nice ones. I have already started on creating a Myakka collection with general album and an album for wildlife and another for birds … Melissa already has a sunset collection going … I have one on ‘interesting signs’ … guess that just leaves the beach collection to be started ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Oh yes … then there is Disney World … expecting to use all 250 pictures on the memory card those days)

3 thoughts on “New camera … ATV’in

  1. Sounds like you’re having fun with the camera. Need to make sure you check the white balance setting. I’m always forgetting to reset it. It can make a huge difference in the coloring of the images.
    Keep shooting and you’ll definitely get better. If you’re looking for advice, I can recommend a good site.

  2. Those swamp pictures are awesome. Of course now you’re setting the precedent of having lots of pictures on your site. I hope you can keep up!