Extra! Extra!

Seems that Ultimate has caught the eye of the local paper and for the second time a young reporter (Mary) has come out to learn more about the sport. While the first experience was only an administration meeting, and unfortunately did not have a good turn out … I think last night made up for it!
Mary and the papers photographer (Rod) came out to our team practice to ask a couple more questions and snap a couple pictures. Rod managed to grab a nice photo of me playing superman, couple problems though, 1. I can not fly 2. I am not made of steal. I would love to grab a copy of the picture though, those action shots can be hard to come by. However, with that new camera on its way … and the way Melissa has been shmoozing with Rod about how to take pictures … you never know 🙂 Anyway, the article is suppose to be appearing in early February I will, of course, keep you informed.
Krishen has some pictures up from the evening. (Melissa was having fun playing with his camera in anticipation)

4 thoughts on “Extra! Extra!

  1. Yeah. Just have to figure out what shutter speed will get you the image you want. One interesting trick is to set the shutter speed kinda long (1/10 or so) and pan with the players as they run by. If you do it right, they’ll appear clear in the center while the background has all the motion blur.
    It’s a bit easier to do with cars and such since they don’t have legs and arms flailing about like people do.

  2. Heh, nice shot John. Yeah, that’s exactly what Rod was saying to Melissa. Definitely agreed about the limbs. Pesky buggers! 🙂