Push it!!!

Man … that was a good break. For the last week I have extremely limited my outside work computing time to almost nil. I had just had enough and Melissa and I really needed to catch up. It was nice!

Registration table – handing out the package!
Saturday we joined the Florida park service in bringing the about the first annual canoe and kayak river race. I have now officially signed up as a volunteer at the park, so Melissa and I will likely both be there every Saturday morning. And it sounds fun … canoeing, hiking, ATV-ing … and with our new camera (expected any paycheck now) we should get a lot of nice pictures. Guess that means that we will have to set up a gallery on the web for people.

You can see the leader followed by his wolves

They round the final bend – bringing it home
After years of organizing photos in picture albums, think we are going to have to pick up CD cases for archived pictures discs. All we will need then is Apple to apply its musical solution to photos. Hmmm!

One thought on “Push it!!!

  1. nice shots!! i particularly like the shot second from the bottom, was that one melissa took while hanging out on a tree branch?