Date night

Well, managed to slip out of work on-time (ie early) yesterday. It was nice to be able to get out to the Ultimate league meeting. Small turnout though, I am hoping that did not deter the reporter or the league coordinator … though I am sure it did.
However, instead of sticking around to toss the disk Melissa and I headed out on a “date”. You know, those things you did BEFORE marriage … back in the days where you were still trying to spend time together. And it is not that we don’t want to spend (or get to spend) time together … it is just there is not a lot of “alone” together time where we are not doing housework or sleeping. Too much time over the last few months have been spend working or with friends … so we thought … movie night!!!
For $1.75 each we saw The Cat in the Hat, one of our favorite books from childhood. While it had its moments and Mike Myers was good … I will stick behind my previous statement that I think Jim Carrey would have fit the role a little better. Still funny though. Then it was off for dinner where we filled both out stomachs to the brim.
Good night …. slept tight … now it is back to work in the morning!
PS. Arriving at work this morning I read Krishen’s blog and found out about an interesting story (another take) from back home. The part-time web design company, Mike Rowe-soft Design (@ has been requested to give up his domain name to Microsoft Corp … for $10. I agree, this is a play on words. However, Mike Rowe is a person (grade 12 student in Victoria to be exact) and deserves as much right to that name / domain as anyone. He is not spoofing their site, he is not displaying news or commentary about the company, and he is not offering the similar products. My take … they either pay him his requested $10k for compensation of changing names (specifically the domain name) or live with his small 2-bit “competition”. I wish Mr. Rowe the best of luck.
As the Apple Turns has a nice take on this, but what do you think ??

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