A trip to Myakka on Saturday resulted in an interesting gator display. Man, wish we had purchased that Canon G3 for it. We took Amy and Eric out for a tour of the park, and of course did not forget about the fishing hole. A favorite spot for the reptiles of the area – and sundown is the best time to see them out … think we counted over 10.
A smaller 4 footer came over for a visit just as we got there. He/she (still gotta figure out how to tell that without “molesting” them (the sign says we can’t) looked to be eyeing up the bucket of fish from one of the local fishermen. The gator came right over to the shore, waited, then slipped back under the water. Then, just minutes later he/she was back – this time a couple feet closer. Being as this was only about 8 ft away or less with no obstacles in the way we moved back. Moving the bucket farther from the water did not seem to help as the gator moved closer still, putting his chin right on the shore. Now that was an interesting sight … adventurous little guy. We stood there eyeing him up for a while but he finally gave up on the bucket and moved back into the river.
Not moments later we saw a small “argument” between a couple gators out in the river. But by then it was time to go … back to Amy and Erics for a night of Pirates and war. Thanks guys, enjoyed the movie and the game. Found Halo to be in typical Bungie style, glad to see that MS did not mess them up too much. Could see the Marathon styling in the game … which just brought back memories of late nights in the computer lab … ahh, the good old days 🙂

One thought on “Patience

  1. Oh man!! You’re never gonna let that picture die are you? :: laughs ::
    Arrr, I hear “Pirates…” is pretty good, gonna have to watch it at some point!