Dot COM bomb

Late edition: The board
Well, last night we do something completely different. On Wednesday evening, Melissa and I have gotten into hosting a movie night … well, last night it was all about the coin. We pulled down the box, opened the board, and started the Monopoly challenge. And just for fun we used the “dot COM edition” which plays in the “millions” and uses properties like “Yahoo” and “EBay”.
It was great fun though it did take longer than planned. In fact, at approx. 5 hours this was the longest game I have played in years. There were a couple reasons for this … First, the rolling was jinxed – properties took forever to get sold and then when they did it left ‘no-one’ with a power set. Second, two people found it difficult to produce much out of just a single trade – thus we knew any trade would cause the game to go down that slippery slide. So, since it was still young in the evening we nickeled and dimed each other for some time. [I should note that when playing by the official rules, the game tends to be around a 2-4 hour game]
It was not until a monster trade between Kemp, Krishen, and myself that the game became interesting by leaving a gantlet of houses and “offices” (hotels) on the upper side of town. Then somethings strange happened once more … “Yahoo” and “Excite@home” (“Boadwalk” and “Parkplace”) seemed to get landed on … again … and again … and again. With Jeff the first to go, Melissa and Krishen held on after getting dinged up to $1,700,000,00 multiple times (yea … well the money is in millions you know) only to end up faltering a few rounds later … and then you know my luck. The last 4 times around the board I landed on one of the 2 properties that Kemp had … and in turn – he kept going to Jail. So needless to say, Kemp came out with over almost $9 Billion in cash and was voted on as the top VC (Venture Capitalist).
I am sure Krishen has a different take on the evening. Thanks to everyone that came out … we will have to do it again sometime.

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