Entry #100

Well … 100 posts … well what do you think so far? While this is a good record for myself, it also provides a port-hole for your (the reader) into our life. Tell me your thoughts on the good, the bad, and the ugly about the format … the web site … the postings … or whatever. (user feedback is always useful in a re-designing … resolution #3)
So … what of the other resolutions … we are on the 3rd day. Well, yesterday Melissa and I returned (once more) to Myakka River State Park Our 2.5 hour rollerblading trek took us from the Main entrance to the bird walk and back, ~12 miles. We stopped at the visitor center and viewed some of the displays and videos they have, enjoyed the wildlife, and avoided the tourists … it is an excellent area for rollerblading, and hopefully we will get to go hiking and canoeing there sometime soon too. Today … Melissa has planned a trip to Oscar Scherer State Park and a visit to the Siesta Key beach. So it looks as resolution #1 is coming along nicely too.
So … looks like a good start to the new year

4 thoughts on “Entry #100

  1. I agree! I’m still waiting to see more than the “first” wedding photos, and that was over two years ago. 😛

  2. Well … honestly so am I. It has been on hold since I don’t have many “pictures” to put up. Suppose that I do have some stolen from Krishen … hmmm … I will see what I can do.