First post of the new year … is late

Well … there goes the first of my new years resolutions, post everyday, going to have to scale that back a little me thinks 🙂 Well, as a typical new years goes … lets set some goals, “resolutions” some would call them. (not in order of priority … but more in order of rambling)
1. Spend more time out exploring. We have this wonderful scenic landscape around us, 156 state parks, and loads of sunshine – think we better start using it! Want to get out camping, travel up into the southern states and take a peek, etc, etc.
2. Start that portfolio. I have managed to complete a few small projects over the last couple years, but I think it would be fun to re-polish a couple of those projects while adding a couple more.
3. Reno the web site. Melissa has been requesting an update to the website for sometime., think this year I can make that happen. I must thank all those readers for viewing my inconsistent postings … I hope to also make an average of 3 postings per week this year.
4. Become a handler. Right now I have been assigned my favorite position as “long” on our Ultimate team. Means tons of running in pursuit of a flying disk. Love it! However, I would also like to improve my skills at tossing the disk which is where I currently struggle the most.
5. Re-institute date night. When Melissa and I first started dating we often found ourselves at the local WhiteSpot enjoying a late night treat. When we got married we vowed to continue that tradition with a “date night” once a week. However, in the past couple years that has trickled to about once a month (maybe) and I would like to change that.
6. Get down to a single debt payment. This past year has been exceptional for our bank book. Hard work and good budgeting seems to have paid off … but the job is not done. We still have three outstanding debts left (and they are the big ones) but continued persistence in this area will leave us much better off in the long run.
7. Read more. Over the last year I have begun reading again … mostly due to no TV signal being available in our house. And even though we have borrowed some rabbit-ears I don’t want to stop this trend. I would like to pick up several books on project management, software development practices, and cross-platform design theories. This of course in addition to the “out-loud” reading of Harry Potter and Tom Clancy I have been working on with Melissa. I have always been a poor “out-load” reader … this helps.
8. Improve the dog-and-pony show. Over the last year I have found that I could use substantial improvement in talking and showing project demos to management. Would like to work on this as I feel it will have great impacts into my future career goals.
9. Improved organization. This is almost a standard New Years resolution, but one that can not be left out. Over the years I have improved my day-to-day organizational habits … but I am starting to run into “long-term” issues.
10. Get back into diving. Since leaving Victoria we have lost our regular under-the-sea adventures. With our finances in better shape, I would like to get out on a charter a couple times this year … as well as maybe find a couple shore dives (or fresh water dives) that provide interest. We are going to have to push past several annoyances that comes from being out of the water for so long, as well as get use to using a dive-flag, but I think it can be done.
Well … looks like it is going t be a long year. Though if every year before it is any indication it will be over before we thought it began. This is the first time I have recorded a set of goals such that I might revisit them … so we will see as we pass into 2005 how I/we have managed to stick to our goals. Best luck to all of you as you enter this new year.

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