Back to work !

Well … after a wonderful break over the last couple days I am back in the shackles. Thankfully it is another short week …
Hope Christmas was good to everyone. In addition to Melissa getting her drivers license (which is soooo nice … I get to send HER on errands) she also snagged several boxes of chocolate and a Mahjong game from her new computer (yes … the computer was a early christmas present too).
Patches snagged a new Chicago 2-disc greatest hits set. It is nice to see that the cat has the same taste in tunes as I do 😉
Myself … well … I got out with new pants, shoes, and a Joy of Tech book.
Due to shipping costs we have also received several cheques and plan to spend those diligently on candy and pinball machines! Just kidding. We are looking for a local medical supply shop that supplies ankle braces so that I don’t totally destroy my body by the time I am 30. We did pick up a new “Media center” (read book shelf) for our DVD and VHS collection and plan to continue filling it with more movies in the near future.
Thanks again to everyone for their thoughtfulness and generosity. Enjoy all your new toys …

One thought on “Back to work !

  1. Check the medical supply shop just down 59th st in Bradenton. It’s in the shopping center with Publix in it. It’s about 2 minutes from the park where you’re getting your ankles destroyed.