Finally managed to borrow (thanks Jeff) both X-Men movies since it is taking just too long to buy them. Though it seems that the “sale” might get easier as Melissa also enjoyed them. I have been quite impressed with the comic book movies thus far. The special effects capabilities now days allow the stories to finally get told.
But, quite frankly, nothing compares to the Lord of the Rings series. The entire 3 movies had a flow that went uninterrupted. They all held the same style, presence, and feel. This likely has to do with the fact they were all filmed at the same time – almost as if it were one really large movie (likely 10+ with the extended editions). The first two were good and this latest, and final, installment was fantastic. The battle scenes were outstanding, keeping people on the edge of their seats. Amy was correct in saying, “You come out feelings like you just played a game of Ultimate”. But the movie did not falter with focus on the battle scenes – it still told a story. It has got to be my favorite movie to date, though I guess it needs all 3 to show its splendor.
Thanks to all 9 people that showed up … ya made it a great night 🙂 Time to save the money for the trilogy Special Edition box set. We also have to wait … apparently they are looking into getting the rights to There and Back Again (The Hobbit).
On a side note …
Christmas cards have started to come in. Thanks to Scott and Etsuko for the nuts … the chocolate ones did not last long 🙂 Thanks to the Saunders, Booths, Nana & Papa, and to all those who called. Now I just hope all our cards did not get stuck at the border. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday … Melissa and I are already enjoying ours …

One thought on “WOW

  1. ” Time to save the money for the trilogy Special Edition box set”
    No kidding! I’m all over that. I was really impressed by how it all turned out. The three-movie-long story arc was well executed (especially when compared to The Matrix, whose arc, imho, would have been much more successful over two films).