Days … coming and going

Thought I would poke my head in and check on everybody. We are now just “days” … yes days away from Christmas and we have finally got most (though not all) of our cards in the mail. Man … aren’t the holidays suppose to be relaxing ??
Turns out that I have to work right through the holidays … ie. no holidays. Well, that is not true … get Christmas and New Years off. However, this will be my first year not actually getting the “christmas” week off. Always managed to squeeze several days and visit family. However, this year I am (1) a fair distance away, and (2) in my first year at METI – thus don’t have any vacation days yet. So … Melissa and I are going to enjoy a nice quite evening. We do have a couple things planned though …
23rd: Meet Bob and Doug (from Seattle) in Tampa/Clearwater for dinner
24th: Play Mr. Taxi for Hugo (heading home himself) and dinner at the Bonefish Grill (gift cert from the METI christmas party)
25th: X-mas dinner with Eric and Amy … should be good fun 🙂
So this is going to be the first Christmas alone … man … next thing we will be sending the yearly “Family Christmas Letter”!!!

4 thoughts on “Days … coming and going

  1. Don’t feel bad about not getting the time off. Due to our government contract now, we don’t get the week off either. We get Christmas day, the day after and New Year’s Day. Quite the change from previous years.

  2. “Thought I would poke my head in and check on everybody.”
    *ghostly voice* There’s no-one here………… you’ve waited too long between posts…………

  3. Good to see everything is all well. I ust got back to Vic from six mths in the gulf. What is your email addy?