Sunday, Sunday, … someday

Another Friday brought the end to another long week … or did it. With deadlines looming I brought myself into the office for 9 hours on Saturday and was back again at 10:30AM on Sunday. At least Melissa was able to get out of the house with Amy, MJ, and Krishen (Krishen managed to slip away for a couple hours from the trenches) to play some disc-golf on Sat, and is planning on heading out shopping for christmas gifts with Amy today.
Well, at least I managed to get “some” time off to catch a movie and a beer before the night was out. And hopefully I won’t be too long in the office today.
“Short day” was given a new definition today … grrr!. Problem is that when things need to get done it is up to you to make sure it happens and I just did not feel right leaving Krishen there alone to work on a section of the code that I passed off on him because I was too busy. We did manage to sneak out of the office chairs around 10:30PM – but the good news is that things are in much better shape. While it is not done, we believe that we can start testing and code/interface clean up tomorrow. So … til tomorrow then. 🙂

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