Well … I did it … forked over the cash and picked up a relic. Figure it will eventually look nice in my museum of treasures along side the good old Mac Plus. The iMac 350 Blueberry machine now sits comfortably on my desk at home, contained inside is a fresh 40 gig harddrive and 192 MB in RAM.
While it is not the top of the line system … it will provide a nice place for Melissa to fiddle and/or me to tinker, and besides … it makes a great stereo once hooked to my speaker system. It has been some time, but after approximately 6.5 years I have upgraded my Mac system. [though I have been working off borrowed time for the last 3 or so]
Now … for the digital camera 😉 And no … I have not forgotten about the G5 or the powerbook … I just now have a buffer for the next couple years. The thing will run Panther afterall – but that is another $129 or so.

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