Happy Brrrrrrrrrrrthday

On this crisp holiday weekend I would like to welcome my brother and sister (Kurtis and Kari) to the land of the adults. It has been a tough struggle making it this far … I know … I was the one making it tough!!! (hee hee)
Funny how the little ones grow up … seems like not so long ago they were helping each other out of the cribs, skating around in bread pans, beating the dog with the hockey sticks, … and now look at them … both moved out of the house, looking to vote in the coming election, and working towards a career. Just amazing … I don’t think I am ever having kids … my siblings make me fell old enough!
In other news … last weekends injury to my ankle has kept me mostly sidelined though I am expecting to make an appearance this afternoon. If I ever get out of here. Right now I am sitting at work test driving an older iMac 350 for possible purchase. Work seems to be ditching a couple of their old machines and I have been looking for something to use at home. The price is right, but if it does not do what I need it too then their isn’t much point is there!
I have to thank Amy and Erik Johnson for a great friday night at the theater. Playing was “The competition”, a Russian comedy about life in Russia during the transitional period of communism to capitalism. It is told through the eyes of 4 families each coming from separate areas in society where previously higher education and numerous doctorates held you in high standing and the factories were always running. Now they now found themselves confused as to their place in the world. They dream of that better life but feel they are powerless to do anything about it … but “The competition” will finally make life better.
PS. For the record: Melissa turned the heater on in the car this weekend. The air had that nice clean, crisp winter smell to it … and we curled up in blankets and drank hot chocolate. Was a wonderful reminder of home. Hope everyone is enjoying those precious snow flakes … cause we do miss them. (Though we are not liking this cold thing one bit … )

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