Dolphins and Dirt

What a weekend … Saturday found us playing in the sand down at the beach for MJ’s “going away party” [she leaves for the snow covered mountains on Dec 7th]. Little sun, sand, and surf always puts you in a good mood – even got some disc tossing in, which turned into a tackle-Ultimate before the end of it (I swear it was the girls who started it!!!!). We had a great time … especially when a pod of Dolphins showed up. They were not 100ft off-shore, well within the swimming boundaries … needless to say Melissa went for a quick dip.
Sunday Manatee Parks & Recreation held their first “hat tournament”. For those who don’t know, a hat tournament gathers a bunch of people together, picks their names from a “hat” to fill the teams, and then going about playing a full-day of Ultimate. With only 24-28 participants, we managed 4 teams of 6/7 players (a regular lineup contains 7 players) which meant we played 6-on-6 … and with no substitutes (ouch!). Managed to find myself on the injured list by the end of the second game (rolled my right-ankle) but I could not stop playing … we having way to much fun. So over the next 2 games (played 4 all together) I limped around as much as I could … it was not until it was all over and I was sitting on the couch at Jeff’s place that the ankle started to really swell and the pain set in. So, with it all wrapped, I hobbled into work today. I should be fine for the next (and last) regular season game.
Anyways, thanks again for the BBQ Jeff … had a blast!

2 thoughts on “Dolphins and Dirt

  1. Speaking of Dolphins, these are Alicia’s swim meet times from Sunday, 50 M Fly 1:23, 100 M
    Breaststroke 2:46, 100 M IM 2:24, 50 Freeestyle
    00:54 (seconds that is!!) Pretty awesome for a wee 8 year old!! Can’t wait to see some of those dolphins in person!