Sunshine, Palm trees, and …. Christmas ??

Melissa and I work up this morning and started our regular routine. She pushed me off the bed …. I grabbed the covers and pulled them to the floor to curl up for another 15 minutes or so … etc etc etc
Eventually we managed to get to a reasonable level of consciousness and head for the shower, the coffee, and the freshly baked banana-bread muffins. Everything you would expect from a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining, the trees are green, the flowers are blooming, and we enjoyed our fresh cups of coffee in t-shirts and shorts. The problem came when we turned on the radio …. “Santa’s sleigh radio network” … ahhh …. what ???? The A/C is still on ???
We looked around at each other wondering what universe we were in. Here the radio was blasting great christmas tunes to a nice Jazzy beat … but we just could not grasp the talk about snow, sleigh bells, chestnuts, snow, tinsel, snow-men, snow flakes … I know that the christmas push starts earlier and earlier each year … but this had to be what … … … November … end of November ??? Funny how one can type the date out everyday and not really pay attention to it …. after all … it *is* only thanksgiving. Time to harvest the food “before” the snow flies, sometime in October right ??
Anyway …. basically it comes down to climate shock. Down here people dream of “chestnuts roasting on a open fire” … but dread an actual snow fall. Heck, most of them have fled the infected areas! Guess this year I am just going to have to discover how to enjoy christmas on the white sand beaches of Siesta Key
PS. We have a small one-bedroom place, more like a closet really. In fact it is so small I have to leave and go to the office almost daily just so that Melissa can move around. And we are REALLY REALLY bad cooks.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine, Palm trees, and …. Christmas ??

  1. The funniest thing about florida is that home manufacturers will try to sell you a fireplace and charge you BIG bucks for it. If you buy it, it almost never gets used. The cool thing is swimming outdoors in the middle of december :).