Hope everyone got a chance to catch the ER show last night. The show was great (the opening segment was the best though). Excerpt:
Beeeeeeeeep! Patient has flat-lined after the hard work of nurses and doctors
“Just another junkie …”
Faces all look mournful
“You just killed the practice dummy.”
Camera pans down to see the face of Stan … eyes closed
Boom … the eyes open !
(And back here in Florida, the roof is brought off the Gecko’s pub)

This was a great demonstration of how our product can be used. While normally these “training sessions” take place in schools, I could see one day a room designated to simulation in hospitals so that staff can continue practicing. And as we saw in the show, practicing on the simulator trains you for those real life situations.
Now … what did everyone think of the show ? tell me

4 thoughts on ““Reset”

  1. While I think the value of simulation could have played a bigger part, or had a bigger impact, I like the way in which it was used. That was actually VERY similar to how physicians used it in Harvard.

  2. did they actually hit reset?
    i thought the point there was that your superiors aren’t infalliable — that the young female doctor was doing the right thing by continuing chest compressions, even though her superior told her to stop… and that, because of her independent thinking, a life was saved.

  3. Abby killed Stan during her training session in the opening sequence of the show. She was criticized for not doing the right thing and as a result she killed the mannequin (which they then ‘reset’ to allow for more training).
    At the end of the show a similar situation was presented and she followed the procedure she was taught. She, however, was not ‘suppose’ to do intubation on patients yet (at least this is what I gathered) – after all this is a very delicate procedure. However, the training from the simulator taught her what the situation called for … and she did it. Hence … simulation can save lives. (After all … is that not why we go to work everyday?)