Practice makes perfect

So … with two games remaining in our Ultimate league play we finally managed to hold a real, honest to goodness, drive you, teach you, train you, make you really tired, practice . Luckily there was beer, cake, and fresh veggies for our after practice tired souls. I think it was successful … too bad we only had a make-shift field just outside the fence of those soft-ballers who managed to win the double-booking shuffle.
Melissa managed to sneak out, while I was kickin’ up the dirt, and head to a dance studio just around the corner. Turns out that Swing dancing is Tuesday and Sunday … with some Salsa thrown in on Fridays. However, there seemed to be some confusion on what was “west coast” swing and what was “east coast” swing … so she ended up in an advanced class of the wrong coast. It seems that either we were mistaken what we were taught — or things are referred to differently in Canada. Either way … I expect we will be heading out and shakin’ some booty a little more in the coming future.

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