So … last night after a day of … … … doing something ? (these weekends can get way to relaxing) We all (Krishen, Melissa, Kemp, and myself) headed to Jeffs’ place for a little further relaxation. For months now Jeff has been bragging about his old bar-tending days in school – so we thought we would put him to the test.
It started out as a Martini party … moved to some margaritas … and ended with some shots. Now, few of these drinks were ‘standard’ … some were even of Jeff’s own creation. Final result … we all had a great time sitting out on the deck enjoying several hours of mind numbing relaxation. Jeff truly has some skills beyond that of typing (a METI codeword for programming … keeps us appearing mysterious). Basically, the drinks can be summed up in a single quote from Kemp:
“Hmmmmm …. that is good s***”
Thanks Jeff for a great time … we should do it again sometime soon!

2 thoughts on “yummy

  1. Well you know Kemp…get a couple of drinks in him and he becomes a wildman. You just can’t keep that man quiet.