Canadians win the US Nationals

That is right folks … this past weekend the Vancouver, BC team Furious George, sole Canadian entry in the US Ultimate Nationals, took top prize for the second year in a row. And what a game it was, will try and get some pictures up soon … Melissa is sorting through them now … so stay tuned. The whole weekend was fully of sun, sun, and more sun as Melissa and I enjoyed several games down at the local Polo club (Polo club? I did not think they had them anymore either … think the last time I heard of Polo was in Pretty Woman). We came out a little crisper but energized for our game against the Ducks tonight (The Ducks are still running undefeated in our Ultimate league this fall).
In other entertainment news … picked up the movie Finding Nemo last night – and it lived up to expectations. Great family comedy and a wonderful addition to our growing collection of DVDs. I imagine that this movie will get almost the play-time out of Melissa as the Harry Potter collection has.
Next up … the release of The Matrix – Revolutions

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