The flyin’ disk

This was actually from the previous week … oh well, when you are bumming pics off Krishen you take what you can get
So .. this evening we all (yes, Bob managed to snag another night in town) headed up North to play yet another of our league Ultimate games. This week we actually played well … that is not to say that previously we were bad. But last week we definitely played our worst game of the season. So this week we were looking to kick things into a new gear … and we did. Managing a quick 4-0 lead we took the half at 7-3. A quick post half-time comeback by Dos Manos (“Two hands”) brought things to 9-7, however, we put up the defense and took things from there. Final score: 15 – 7
It was a good game by both teams … but for the first time this season we really clicked. Now if only we can find a field to practice on … the one we have been using does not have lights. So after the ‘fall-back’ time change this weekend it will be a little dark on Tuesday nights.
Yes … time change is coming up … set your clocks
With Bob up this weekend, both he and Melissa have been out shooting photos to take back home and show the family. But I have an easier way … I steal pictures from Krishen! Here are a few that he passed along to us the other day. The night shots were taken after a night off watching Buffy until the wee hours of the morning … he has more pictures available – did not want to steal all his lime light.

Here is a shot of one of our apartment buildings

Every apartment needs a pool

Take a stroll on the boardwalk … but remember to feed the turtles

This was a nice shot across the lake in our complex

Here is the lake again in the daylight

A sunset in the car mirror

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  1. “oh well, when you are bumming pics off Krishen you take what you can get”
    Hey, I gave those shots to you a week ago! ๐Ÿ˜€