Parking a big rig

One of the benefits to Melissa’s dad driving for a living is that he has the opportunity to visit semi-frequently. All he needs is to get a trip into Florida, grab a couple days off, and head to the beach 😉 There is only one catch … where does one park a tracker-trailer ? Sarasota apparently does not have a truck stop close by as nearest registered one is in Tampa, which is just a little out of reach for a single day lay-over. Think we are going to try and snag a parking spot down at the arena down the road, that should work!
So … now, what to do with him. Tonight looks to be Ultimate practice, maybe a short walk on the beach; you know it is getting cold out in the evening! Time for the jackets and long-sleeve shirts to come out. Wednesday we hope to hit Myakka and with luck the water will be low enough to enjoy some of the trails.
Congrats to the Canucks who had a commanding win over the Sabers last night. I do have one question though … what is up with CKNW ? I had to listen to the game from “The Sabers Network” which just does not have the same feel and quite frankly had me asleep by the start of the 3rd period. I have not been able to catch a radio broadcasted game yet this year … anyone have any clues ??
Stay tuned for pictures over the last couple days. Melissa has once again been stealing Krishen’s camera!

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