Out of breath

This last week life got busy once more and I have had issues getting time to write up a little something for everybody.
First, Melissa arrived home last Monday night. There goes the week right there 😉 We had to go out shopping to re-stock the shelves, fridge, and freezer. I had Ultimate practice and game, Melissa even played on Sunday and though a little sore this morning she did a great job and had tons of fun (don’t believe me).
Otherwise, managed to get Melissa to watch Startup.com which I thought was great – but she considered a geek movie. I personally thought it was a great look at business which is exaggerated (as .coms were). Viewing the whole process of starting and running a business and the problems with working with friends. Check out Krishen’s review. We also have watched the first 3 1/2 disks of the Buffy which we are enjoying (thanks Krishen). It has been great for a few laughs in the evening.
So … in re-cap, Melissa is home again and life is slowly getting back to normal. Melissa’s dad is trying to get into town this week so it should be another exciting week. You know … it is good to have her home 🙂

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