Slow week

Seems that a boring week translates into few updates to the site. Though there was some action near the end of the week, Game #2 was Thursday night and again the Sarasota Slackers managed to come out on top. However, I had a horrible game. Could not catch the disk, could not throw the disk, and ended up reacting a little too slow – a little too often. Still thinking a ‘downed-disk’ initiates a whistle … however in Ultimate the game never stops moving. One just needs to get their mind in the game.
So afterwards we headed off to celebrate a team record; 2 wins in the regular season. (last year they lost all but their last game – yet somehow managed to pull off an undefeated record in the playoffs to take the championship) Gathering at a pub near-by we enjoyed 2-for-1 drink specials on “all on-tap beers” … though they may not be as good as the micro-brews back home they do have a few that are quite tasty. So … with Krishen driving I enjoyed a relaxing evening and a uncomfortable next day at work (not bad … not ugly … just uncomfortable).
As for the one who looks out for me … well she arrives this evening back in Vancouver. And by the sounds of it will be heading out to watch the Canuck game at a buddies place. I will listen in to the game from here via internet radio after a quick dip in the pool.
Tomorrow may end up being another day at work to avoid the loads of remaining housework … though I am sort of running out of time. Melissa arrives home Monday. Think this time I am going to tie a chain to her ankle so she can’t leave.

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