Lazy weekend

With no need to come into work I got a chance to sleep in, rest, watch some movies … generally relax and enjoy the single life. Well, ok, I was enjoying being the only person around, “single life” might be the wrong way to phrase it, but at least Patches is here to keep me company.
Saturday night I managed to make my way up to Jeff’s place for an evening of pizza, beer, and NHL 2004. In real life the Canucks are 5-5 ending the pre-season. However, in my season the first 12 games ended up in 10 losses (2 in OT) and only 2 wins. Lets just hope my record stays in the virtual world 🙂
Speaking of hockey … season opener is on Oct 9th … Canucks vs Flames. To bad Melissa won’t be home yet … that is going to be a good game!

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