Ultimate causes muscles to hurt

Game 1 is now in the history books … and marked beside it is a WIN! for the Sarasota Slackers.
For those of you who don’t know, I figured that typing for a living was not doing much to keep my lean and mean body … well … lean and mean. So I have joined Krishen’s Ultimate team for a little running and jumping.
This morning my muscles hurt – but I feel good. Even though *I* suck, the rest of the team was able to cover my blunders. The game was hard fought throughout. Tied at half time, we continued to fight neck and neck all the way through to the final buzzer. The slackers managed to grab a point as the clock dwindled to 0, tying the game at 14-14. With sudden death OT in effect, both teams failed to capitalize on their early attempts at success. With the guards arriving to turn off the field lights we managed to push the disk down the field into the waiting hands of Amy. And that was game one!
It looks like the season is going to be a interesting one!

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