sleepin’ in

Sleeping in helps both the body and mind … especially in the wake of another long week at work. (You know, one has to wonder if things really ever “settle-down”). Getting up a noon and spending the afternoon hours at Starbucks and a music/video store has a way of relaxing one-self.
Post my releases over the last couple weeks, I am expecting to get new marching orders early this coming week. And I look forward to them as I think some will deal with Cocoa development, something I have looked forward to since arriving last March.
And until the pressure of the next release forces me into more long days and short nights I plan to enjoy a little down time. Tomorrow I will be heading to Orlando to a see Timo Maas at the House of Blues. Krishen and Jeff conviced me that it would be a blast — then we found out it was going to be on a Sunday night. So, we decided that, “Heck, lets do it anyway!” While I am going to be the DD, Jeff is prepared to sacrifice himself and be the one to show up “on time” Monday morning, and Krishen … well, he has the job of keeping me awake while we are driving home at 3AM (it is a two hour trip one-way).
In preparation I picked up a new CD today: altered states v.2. At $7.98 for a 2-Disc set it was a fantastic buy … well that and it just rocks (if that term can be used in reference to electronic/dance music ??). Also grabbed a little surprise gift for my darling wife. She heads out for her road trip across the 4 western provinces this coming week … then it is back home. The cat, I think, will like that … however, I have to figure out how to get the house clean before then — that is going to hurt !!!

2 thoughts on “sleepin’ in

  1. Dance music that “rocks” is a term that may be used when:
    1) The music is remix of a popular rock song
    2) The artist commonly uses rock samples in their music.
    3) You REALLY REALLY like the music.