It was yesterday around 7PM that Melissa had called wondering what was going on down here. Apparently something was not sitting right with her and she was concerned about it so was checking in on things down here. But my life being the boring thing it is without her around was unable to help her explain away her “feelings” …
It was not until today that we found an explanation. Seems that dad, my father-in-law, was traveling just outside Winnipeg Saturday when he came across an nasty accident. Two vehicles had collided head-on and ignited into flames. With people already working on the first car, Rob grabbed his sledge hammer and fire extinguisher and headed for car number two. Exhausting the fire extinguisher he managed to get close enough to break the side window of the car and drag a groggy driver, who was woken by the glass shattering, from the wreck to safety.
While not everyone involved survived; several individuals, including the gentleman Rob assisted, did make it. All thanks to the quick thinking and courageous actions of those who stopped to help. And though Rob may have a few less hairs on his head and he might be without a pair of boots due the fire, we are very thankful that he is OK. Kudos to you Dad, I am sure there are some very happy people in the world tonight because of what you did.
Once the main rescue crew arrived, it was discovered that the vehicle Rob was assisting carried compressed air in the trunk and he needed to move his rig back to a safer distance to avoid a further incident. How close things were to being so much worse!

One thought on “Heroes

  1. Wow! Your father-in-law sounds like a very courageous man. I hope he’s on my road should I ever (god forbid) find myself in a similar situation.
    It’s nice to know there are folks like Rob out there. Please pass along my gratitude.