Blue sky … nothing by blue sky

It is Friday …. and what does that mean … ahh …. not much really. Typically it has meant that one should work hard and prepare to come in tomorrow … but not today … see … I am going to duck out early before the boss has a chance to come around and ask me to come in on Saturday “… and ahh … why don’t you just go ahead in on Sunday too”, I can hear him now … 🙂
Well, it is true … with the release of two (that is 1 + 1) products this week I may even get to sleep in. Might even get to clean the house in prep for Melissa coming home … though it would likely just get messy again before the 13th – so nah … forget that. Hmm … what will I do with my “free time” …
Seems that I had reason to ‘watch Isabel’ though it did not hit Florida … it did strike and even Ontario is being told to “prepare”. I, however, managed to escape the wind and rain with blue sky, sunshine, and the glow of my computer monitor.

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