I know, I know

Everyone is wondering where I am … what I have gone and done? Am I still alive ? Well … fear not! I am still here (though some will debate my level of consciousness). Work has been crazy with late nights last week, a full day Saturday and then in again on Sunday (over 60 hours) … but such is life when “crunch” time comes.
The good news is that Bob was able to show up for an afternoon. Some of you may recall Bob from my days at Topia or the work I did for Neon Office. He was down visiting his mother just outside of Tampa and I was able to convince him to take a short trip south to Sarasota. We hit Siesta Key for a walk on the beach (wow … the beach … hadn’t been there in ages, think I need to go back) and we hit a couple art galleries in the area. Then it was food and talk which took us into the late evening. It was a very relaxing afternoon and a much needed break from work; Thanks for the visit Bob!
Hopefully by October life will settle down a little … I have to get some kinda of vacation before the wife comes home 😉

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