Come-on … take yer best shot!!

Well, it has been a while since I updated … Unfortunately I think this will continue at least until the end of September. First, my life is boring without my wife here (she always keeps things exciting! Second, I am quite busy at being boring. So basically besides not having a lot of time these days, my life has been reduced to the bare minimums.
I find I am working, eating (sometimes anyway … and then it is a quick salad, KD or for you Americans Kraft Mac & Cheese, soup, or grill cheese sandwitches), and sleeping (or at least attempting to). Think this life-style, or lack there-of, is starting to catch up to me. I felt my health seriously deteriorate over the course of this last week. Think I caught myself a cold. But it seems I have to solve this problem alone as my wife has stated that she will not come home to take care of what she calls “self inflicting injuries”. (Hey, at least I tried)
So, I have bought more OJ and some veggies for meals … I am sleeping in my bed instead of crashing on couch … and I am trying to get a couple hours in reading “Code name: Ginger” by Steve Kemper to de-stress. I don’t see a lightening in my work load until the end of September … so until then it remains “Full steam ahead … just mind the ice-burgs eh!”.
In other news … Henri threatened – but only managed to get us a little wet. Infact today, which was suppose to be quite stormy, turned out to be a beautiful sunny afternoon which I happily spend down at Starbucks … you got to love laptops. Fabian also missed as it heads up the east coast remaining of-shore, though did catch Bermuda. Isabel is still quite a ways to the east, but still worth keeping an eye on. While I seem to have found CNN to provide decent news on the storms, the National Hurricane Center provides all the details and public advisories.
Still new to all this “storm watch” … so it is quite exciting. Kinda like waiting for my first earthquake … worried yet anxious!

2 thoughts on “Come-on … take yer best shot!!

  1. Hi Cam;
    Glad to hear you are managing by yourself there.
    Hope you had a good birthday? Have you figured out how you will spend ALL of your winnings?
    It was so nice to talk to you on the phone. Email is good for keeping in touch, but sometimes you just need to hear the persons voice to feel connected.
    I had a good visit with Melissa – although too short. We did celebrate her birthday also.
    Doug’s sister and husband from Nairobi had been with us for over a month and they are gone to Toronto now to visit their kids.
    Doug is currently in Yellowkife, re-doing a kitchen for his cousin there – he is gone for 6 days.
    So the house is clean and very quite….!
    I took another golf lesson – the first this season and am in a tournament with Chemaninus Theatre tomorrow. On Sept. 17th I am in a tournament at the new Jack Nicklaus course that just opened here- Bear Mountain – very cruel bunkers!!! But beautiful scenery!
    Do take good care of yourself,

  2. Thanks again for the birthday card … managed pulling out $4 off the scratch and wins. Figure that will product one nice Tim’s cup of coffee on my next visit home.