Ahhh … the last weekend of summer

A long week at the office turned ugly and our Friday night turned into a late-night office party (if one could call it that). Krishen, Jeff, and I stayed until 12:30am working on numerous issues that evolved over the week. It was not all work though – we took breaks playing “Name that artist” … I never was good at that game, but I managed to get Jeff back with some great Canadian artists.
Saturday we were back at it again, with breakfast and lunch provided, we worked a sixth 9+ hour day this week. But I think we managed to get things ready for Tuesday … now the weekend was finally here. So, with my cousin’s taking Melissa out for a ‘girls night out’ … I headed out with the boys.
Ybor city is just south of Tampa and known for their club scene. We went to Santoro’s Amphitheater to see UK Breakbeat DJ/Producer group Hybrid (more here). The club was like nothing I have been too back home. More lights, more lazers, and more people. The 3 floor dance club could house 1000 people (girls 18+ and guys 21+). They had several shows over the evening featuring a local dance group and a fire-breather called “The Human Volcano”. The music was loud, the drinks expensive, and the rotating dancing was hopping. Hybrid finally made it on stage by around 1:30am and put on an incredible 2 hour hour show. By 3:30am we were shown the door and directed down the street by cops on horses … by 4:30 I was home in bed with only slight hearing problems.
For those interested, Krishen pointed out that you can listen to Hybrids’ Saturday night set here.

Once again, pictures are provided via Krishen. He has some great pictures of the night.

Welcome …

Pirates … oh my!

Yet another ‘side-show’ … meet The Human Volcano

I am in there … can you spot me ??

I even managed to snag a dance partner

She didn’t even mind my two left feet!

Hybrid … they did a great set … these guys are good

The girls help Hybrid end the set.

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