I think I need a maid

Photographer: anonymous, I got this pic though email. It was apparently taken off the balcony of the photographers’ house.
However, the devastation is not only in BC … for I have some devastation of my own. The house is a is a horrible state. It is really amazing how many dishes stack up with only one person. I suspect Patches is holding parties while I am at work … and not cleaning up after herself.
Guess the real problem ends up being motivation. With no-one visiting, and me being the only one that has to deal with the mess … it just continues to add up. I look at it and say … “Oh, before bed I will wash the dishes” … “No, when I get up” …. “No, when I get home from work” … again and again …
Not to scare Melissa too much, I have vacuumed and done laundry, AND even done some of the dishes … it is just that darn cat is making such a mess I can’t keep up!!!!

4 thoughts on “I think I need a maid

  1. I left the house clean. The house had beter be clean when I get home!! Between you and the cat even the bathroom had better be done. I will give you the number of all Patches’s friends so they can help.

  2. There she goes putting that foot down again :). I fully expected that comment to be addressed to honey, dear, or another pet name.