Congrats are in order

I first want to congratulate John and Karin Haager in bringing young Bethany Elise into the world this past Friday. Hope you guys enjoyed your last few months alone … cause the party is just beginning 😉
Work continues to go well, I have taken a new approach to work this past week or so. I have started each day of work with a set of goals that I would like to see accomplished by the end of the day. This allows me to better gauge my own successes and failures, and can help me keep my managers better informed (though they always seem to have a different, and shorter, time segment for each goal). It also allows me to leave when my goals are done (maintaining a full 8-hour day of course), which limits my OT at work while keeping the guilt factor down.
At home things have been happening too. I had a side-project approved that will keep me busy over the next month – and if things go right could greatly help reduce my past over-expenditures. Now I just have to figure out a slick way of fitting 250 hours into a 150 hour block of time ?? I figure I will just have to increase the block of time by getting some caffeine pills!!! It is only for a month (or so) … so it isn’t too bad.

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