We made it … FINALLY !!!

Travelling comes with its own forms of troubles … and sometimes they just cause delays ! Seems that this time we blew a tire … not “our” car – but our plane. Yes! That is right … apparently the plane got a flat landing in Tampa which caused us a minor delay (about an hour) before heading out Phoenix. Well … since we had a one hour layover before heading to Vancouver we sprinted from gate A to gate B (~ 2+ blocks) in hopes of … ahh … nope … we’re late. BY ABOUT 1 MINUTE AND 30 SECONDS !!!!!
Well, with all other flights booked for the next 9 hours we were stuck til 7:30PM. And it soon became apparently what a lack of sleep does to Melissa (not to mention how well she knows how to manipulate Customer Service). America West set us up in a hotel for the day – and we needed it. Melissa had been running on nothing since nerves left her unable to sleep the night before. Then what do we wake up to … but half the country without power! What was funny was watching CNN as they reported that some US cities and Canada was without power. Seems someone has not looked at a map lately – just to make things clear … only southern Ontario was without power, leaving 3 territories and 9 provinces to make popcorn and watch the show.
Anyways … by 10:30 PM PST we arrived in Vancouver and after a good night sleep we are perpared to enjoy Byrons final hours as a free man. Hopefully I will have some pictures to post after tomorrows festivities.
Byron, enjoy the last few hours of being single! You will look back on them fondly … both Melissa and I wish you and Tracy the best in the years to come.

One thought on “We made it … FINALLY !!!

  1. phew, what an adventure! glad to hear you made it to van safely. just going to stop by your place to feed patches now.
    please say hello to Byron and Tracy for me — i wish them my best!