T minus 2 days and counting

Well, we are into our final week. Thursday Melissa and I make our trek back north to see Byron get himself hitched. After the weekend-long party (cause you know its going to be) I will be returning once more to this southern paradise, however Melissa will not be joining me. Since she has little has no reason to rush home she is going to spend so quality time with friends and family before returning.
This then leaves us only a couple days until we are once again apart for what is looking to be around another 2 months … (and to think, I did not join the military because I did not want the extended family separation). On the positive side, the visit should be a blast and with the cost of the trip at least one of us is making it worth while. And hey, I will get lots of time to work on those extra projects I have been wanting to finish.
In the mean time, we managed to get a break in the rain last night and headed down to the beach. Coffee, sand, and ice-cream … what more could Melissa want before she heads back to the Great White North (currently with a tint of red and orange). As she puts it, “Feels like a great vacation is coming to an end …”.
Oh, keep your eyes open. My Dad is looking to enter the ‘web world’ after developing a web site of his own. So keep your eyes peeled as I will be attempting to get him space on my web server. Guess this is addictive!

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