Out with the old … in with the new

Thursday night I again joined in on an Ultimate game … lots of fun … especially the after-game action
The end has come to another week in our life …
I woke this morning to thunder crashing outside … and when I mean crashing I am talking about it shaking the entire house. The rain was literally pouring outside – what a great start to the day … refreshing 🙂
Then came work … I am making headway on the providing Windows printing support. There is so much that I know now that would have changed some of the design. But that is typical of the learning curve, thing is that Windows development requires so much manual direction – now I know why so many apps have bugs.
I much prefer the Mac OS X development and managed to snag a new computer for my desk; moving from the slowest development machine to the fastest development machine in the matter of hours. My new dual 1.2 Ghz G4 will be the fastest until the new G5 arrives later this month.
I should note a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ron, our Director of New Business Development. To celebrate we all too part in the first annual “Great Office Chair Race” … to the apparent disapproval of the security guards 😉 I managed to pull an early lead but lost it when I took the first corner too wide and ended up colliding with Ron as he pulled an inside pass. After the collision I never fully recovered. Ron took the top prize with Krishen managing to pull into second place. My battered vehicle and I crossed in third place with Jeff rounding out the pack. “Next time … I will get my revenge!” !!!!
Starbucks coffee and a nice cold beer at the famous Patty Wagon topped off the evening … what a day. Now I sit in the office, working a Saturday so that I can make Byron’s wedding … man … only one week … ONE WEEK!!!! Looking forward to the party!

2 thoughts on “Out with the old … in with the new

  1. Cameron may have lost to Krishen in the Great Office Chair Race but he beat Krishen to the post! :).