A sad day in paradise …

Today I sent the G4 I had been using since arriving at Topia Ventures in 2001 back to its home in Tacoma.
Back from the dead is both my Powerbook 3400 and OS 9 .. oh the fun I have to look forward to. Guess I am back to developing my ‘pet projects’ in either Java or Carbon … oh well. I am getting a new Dell and new (hand-me-down – manager is getting the new G5 when it shows up) G4 at work so all is not lost.

3 thoughts on “A sad day in paradise …

  1. That really sucks dude. I still think they should have figured out some way to sell it to you!
    Ah well. After you receive your hand-me-down you can come over to my cube to witness the slowest machine in software! 😉

  2. When I first started all I had was a single processor G3 for email and docs and a 486 for development, that or I could try development on virtual PC and watch it crash like crazy. .