Trouble marker …

Her second night here my sister is already up to no good!

First Bahan hosted Florida computer gaming party!
Kari’s second night in town ended in dinner and a movie, followed by bownies, ice-cream, and chocolate sauce. We then managed to download a newer Mac OS X game, “Avalanche“, which turns out to be very addicting.
Well, guess we got to roady … with all out game playing … and cops were called to our house at 11:23pm to ‘close down the party’. Well, I must admit … they were a bit shocked to find only 4 people in the house, no music playing, and a “Tetris meets Dr Mario, with bombs”-type game playing on the computer (sound volume at 1/4 my speaker output).
Well, telling the cops we will lower the volume of the stereo that was not on; we proceeded to get quite disturbed … wondering how maybe 2 minutes of laughing caused the cops to be summoned at only 11:30 at night. And anyone who knows Melissa knows how considerate she is to everyone around her – so this came as a complete shock. Turns out … calling the cops is a ‘first-step’ action in the area (talked to the landlord in the morning). So … guess this is war … no longer will we be extra considerate – nope, we are going to live just as we are … let em call the cops … because they have nothing better to do than break up out-of-hand tetris part ies!

2 thoughts on “Trouble marker …

  1. I always knew you were a wild party animal. Too bad your neighbors never learned how to live with other people.
    Enjoy the “wild” parties.

  2. Now… you kids must be GOOD and behave yourselves. No more noise and no more parties. You kids are too young still to be staying up late and playing games. Kari, remember your bed time curfew.