Surfing U.S.A.

Today turned out to be a great day. We headed off to Walmart at around noon – just to pick up a couple supplies and let Kari do some initial shopping. Joining up with Krishen, it was then a quick stop at Starbucks and off to the beach .. Siesta Key that is!
Well, today it was all about the water … and the waves. They were nice, like a giant wave pool — just with warmer, saltier water. The waves were reaching 3-4 ft swells, and Kari and I managed to get slightly stuck in the rip tide before managing to get ourselves back to shore. The life-guards were actually active today, and they had to be. The waves were just so inviting, but you had to watch how far you went out … otherwise getting back was quite the task! So we spent the afternoon body surfing, playing in the sand, and taking pictures. Can you ask for a better day in Florida ??
[ again, all pictures are taken using Krishens’ camera … and his photographical skills]

Starbucks … caffeine fill-up!

Off to the beach …

Yet again, we are here

Kari spots the lifeguards …

Into the water we go.

The water is sooooo warm down here.

And the waves kept you fighting for balance, even while sitting

The only way to tackle them, is to ride them … wheeeee!

All together now!

Well, we are still enjoying it down here …

2 thoughts on “Surfing U.S.A.

  1. Looks like you all had a great time. Wish the water up here was warm enough to go swimming. I get too chilled to enjoy it up here.