Her take on things …

Kari has had quite the exciting time so far … now … she gets to tell you all !
this is how it is.. i get here and i almost die! it was so hot in Tampa but as i get accustomed to the heat it becomes more bearable. The first full day in paradise was a day well deserved i did absolutely nothing but sleep and go to the pool, sun tan and watch the turtles. Saturday i did a slit bit more i slept, went to Wal-Mart
and then went out for coffee and to the beach. The beaches hear are nothing like back home, its not on a lake. the ocean tastes horrible but the waves you can ride on are awesome! The pictures are of the trip to Siesta beach with Krishen. euber fun hey guys;) and today (sunday) has been one of the best so far. We met up with some cousins from Toronto and had a blast. Cam and Melissa had never met them and i haven’t seen them in 5 years so it was really cool. we spent the afternoon at Venice beach and well lets just say i am, well, red and delicious. so melissa and i are going to be staying out of the sun tomorrow. it was great to see them again and apparently i am going to visit them in a couple summers, cant wait! i am having a great time relaxing and if u ask me after 12 1/2 years of school i deserve this:) i have 1 week left and i don’t know if its going to be long enough its is so beautiful down here and the heat is just what i need. well miss you all, but not enough to come home yet ……….Kari
Anyway … meeting up with Cindy and Bill, their 3 wonderful children, and Cindy’s mother was great. We spend the afternoon playing once more in the waves, looking for shells, and searching successfully for more shark teeth. Seems everyone is a little red, which means the Aloe Vera will be lathered on over the next couple days. Tomorrow it is back to work … grrr! Well, guess someone has to bring home the bacon … hope everything is going well home …. and see mom … I have not killed her yet 😉 … just torturing her a bit!!!

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