And another one bites the dust …

So … Sunday, July 6th saw Melissa and I reach our 2nd Anniversary. Thats a BIG 2. Though I suppose next to my parents at 30 years (as of Monday July 7th – congrats!) it really isn’t that much.
But to us, the last two years have seemed packed full … we have moved twice, lived in three different cities and two different countries. We’ve purchased a washer and dryer and matching couches (though still would like some slip-covers to hide the pattern). We’ve climbed mountains, swam the depths of the ocean and have gone running from an Alligator infested park. And we have an amazing group of friends and family that have stood by us the entire time … so we would like to say thanks.
So … if my life ended two years ago this past Sunday – then the after-life is treating me pretty darn well. Here’s to the coming year and the many more after than … it is bound to be full of adventures, struggles, and successes … and through it all there will be you (Melissa) and I … together!

5 thoughts on “And another one bites the dust …

  1. Ahh.. How sweet….
    Congratulations on your first 2 years together!! May you have many more to come!!

  2. congrats on your two year anniversary!!! seems like it was just yesterday I was at your wedding in Victoria. 😀

  3. Congratulations Cam & Melissa!
    It doesn’t seem like it’s been two years. Before you know it you will have been married for five, ten, or thirty years.
    Here’s some advice: watch out for the little surprises that God likes to give out.

  4. Hi, congratulations with your 2th wedding day, from one of the far away relatives.
    Just found melissa’s name via a search “Eeftens” on the internet. Never knew we had any relatives in the US.
    Frank Eeftens

  5. Hai there,
    We had some contact in 2003, but it seems my emails got lost. We sure are relatives, back here in the Netherlands, but Melissa is busy perhaps…
    We´d like to have contact though…
    Please, if you´re interested, send your emails to me, and find out about our common family/tree.
    Sjoerd, brother of Frank and Mark Eeftens.