Florida : Sunshine State

Tuesday I managed to grab a afternoon off work and headed north the the closest district DMV. This in an attempt to get the required paperwork to complete our move. Odometer readers are required along with a basic vehicle inspection ( though it was much simpler than when moving to Seattle — and much much easier than moving back to BC ).
On the way home I stopped at the Tax Collectors office to grab the plates … this, however, turned my short lunch break into a several hour affair. The young lady, a history teacher still looking for an assignment, had not previously done a out of country registration. Thus, there were many questions that needed to be answered and things looked up. She was quite nice about the whole thing, and even gave me some pointers. There was one snag in the whole process … tax. The state of Florida wants to charge me 6.5% sales tax on my vehicle (on the fair market value) … even though I have owned the car for 3 years. We sat around searching for loop holes in the registration requirements. The best we could come up with came about by fluke … I have to manually send in the Title papers to GMAC since I did not have their address on hand … thus – I got the plates and can hold off on the tax until I finish the paperwork — which is required to be complete before the next time I register ( one year from now ).
And now to the law books to search for that loop-hole …

One thought on “Florida : Sunshine State

  1. Something for you to keep in mind: Any vehicle taxes that you pay which are based on the value of your car can be taken off your income taxes. So, that 6.5% registration fee can be deducted.
    Just thought you’d like to know.