Early morning – late night

[ Work has keep me busy so I am posting several entries all at once … sorry for the confusion ]
Wednesday: Staying late ( evidently I have fallen back into my old habits ) again at work I managed to complete another build of our software for QA. Though I know of plenty of issues that remain – I feel I am making progress. However, I did not get the usual time of relaxation when I got home – instead went straight to bed.
By 2:30AM the alarm was going off and Thursday had begun. For today I was sending Krishen home. Evidently his TN visa was about to run out and he needed to cross back to Canadian soil to renew. This caused a great deal of “excitement” at work due to the expense of the flight and the work days missed. Thus, they seem to be looking at moving ahead with the process of getting H1-b visa’s to avoid this problem in the future. Besides a little more freedom and flexibility, we are not yet sure of all the advantages and disadvantages yet — but I am sure it won’t take long to search those out.
One more thing to note … on the way home from Tampa we came across some road construction. Typical. Except for a couple of things … (1) they had no flag people … and … (2) they were not stopping traffic while they were placing an overhead road sign with a crane [ directly over the lane of traffic ]. What resulted was complete confusion on the part of the drivers. All hesitating (myself included) wondering if we were allowed to go or not. In fact the crew seemed to be completely ignoring the traffic all together. — Such things would not happen at home and I have a feeling that ICBC and the WCB would someone’s head if they saw such things. Hate to see what kinda of lawsuits would result if that sign had fallen on a car, or one of the workers hit.

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